Idle Ants Colony – Anthill Simulator 1017 APK Download

Idle Ants Colony – Anthill Simulator 1017 APK Download

App Information of Idle Ants Colony - Anthill Simulator modded .APK file download

App Name Idle Ants Colony - Anthill Simulator v1017
Genre Games, Simulation
Size69.9 MB
Latest Version1017
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Package Namecom.idleant
Rating ( 131 )

Description of Idle Ants Colony - Anthill Simulator modded .APK file download

Ant Colony Lords Rise Up

IDLE ANTS COLONY – SIMULATOR brings the strategic, incremental, idle, clicker gameplay of the wildly successful mobile game into a 3D world with new underground strategies and extra features!

As an idle ant commander, rule over this underground empire of worker ants and become the tycoon that leads them into a growing colony. Let’s serve the queen and lead the worker ants to get food to the nest. Survive and build your idol ant colony!

If you enjoyed playing a good chunk of SimAnt on a SNES emulator back in the day, then IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR is pretty close as a simple incremental game compared to a full-fledged simulation game

The Idle Clicker Gameplay of IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR assures endless progression, you can start with a few lowly worker ants, evolve and hatch your way to unimaginable numbers.

The game of IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR has an Idle mode that allows you to keep progressing and your ant colony to grow and grow!

You and your ants are hungry, so when you see any food, you grab it and you take it back to your queen in the nest.

Now you have a bunch of money so let’s buy more workers cause that’s the way we rule: release the army, feed the queen, build your own colony!

You can get more speed and squad bonus to fight and defend your food and your colony.
Feed the queen and give her chocolate chip cookies, those are the best !

Build your army with fighter ants and a squad of 12 ants and more, then feast up on the food you find, take it apart, it’s gonna be juicy !

Get level two strength which makes your ants hold more and take bigger chunks. Get more speed, even quicker, double speed to continue feasting on the food

IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR is a simple game, but you know feeding an ant colony is never too easy, you’ll need more workers and bonus squads to take apart anything they find, unlocked food and chamber upgrades.

This Ants Colony Simulator is a resource gathering and base building type of game where the aim is to increase the size and strength of your nest. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more resource and food options.

IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR puts you in the role of a worker ant who is tasked to command other worker ants and soldier ants in your growing colony. Constantly gathering food for the queen so she can reproduce is among the many duties that lie on your shoulders.

There are various other resources you need to search for and collect as you will also spearhead the continuous development of your colony.

Life as a worker ant is not all about gathering resources, reproduction, and colony development, as there are many dangers that lurk around the anthill.

Gathering resources stands as the most basic responsibility of every worker ant. There are different resources to gather and manage as well, each with its own unique uses.

The most basic sources of materials like leaves and seeds will always be available but sources like hot dogs and fries and donuts will only be around on occasions. As you continue to perform upgrades on your food processing chamber, more worker ants will become available for you to manage.

Defense is naturally a more important aspect of the game so be sure to always keep your defenses intact and upgraded. Make sure that all of your soldier ants are deployed in their respective stations for defense.

Download the free mobile game IDLE ANTS COLONY – ANTHILL SIMULATOR and let the fun begin!
– New food added
– Performance improvements
App id = com.idleant

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